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"...comments tutorial help..."

I've added the following tutorial to my journal: here

I would like to know how do I override the "reply, parent, link" text to display my custom made images?
I already know how to change the linkbar to display my images, for freeze, delete, etc...

I would like to change from text to images on the following sections:

# after the linkbar place the permanent link to the comment.


                      <td align="right"><strong>$link_open_bracket<a href="$comment.permalink_url">$*text_permalink</a>$link_close_bracket</strong></td>""";

and here:

# place the Reply / Parent / Thread links


        <div class="small">$link_open_bracket<a href="$comment.reply_url">$reply</a>$link_close_bracket""";

        if ($comment.parent_url!="") {"""$link_seperator$link_open_bracket<a href="$comment.parent_url">$parent</a>$link_close_bracket""";}

        if ($comment.thread_url!="") {"""$link_seperator$link_open_bracket<a href="$comment.thread_url">$thread</a>$link_close_bracket""";}


So instead of displaying plain text within ( ) , it will just be the custom images I have. Thanks in advance.

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