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Layer source

As I mentioned earlier, I'm new to S2. I copied and pasted a few codes into a new layer.. modified some of it. That could be why they don't work, but it didn't say there were any errors or anything.

layerinfo "type" = "layout";
layerinfo "name" = "Entries";

set lang_fmt_date_long_day = "%%day%% %%month%% %%dayord%% %%yyyy%%";

set lang_fmt_time_short = "%%h%% %%min%% %%sec%% %%A%%";

set lang_fmt_month_long = "%%month%% %%yyyy%%";

What's wrong with my coding? Why isn't it working?

Oh, and I have another problem. I used the title heading code to fit the title to whatever I wanted it to say, and it worked, but now it's back to my journal title. Why does my title keep changing?

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