Heathyr (tenmylove) wrote in component_help,

I'm sorry for all of the recent questions, but when I read through the tutorials and then execute them on LJ... things go wrong. Since I'm obviously still learning S2 I'm having problems identifying what I'm doing wrong.

OK, so more questions...

1] I notice that when I go to "Edit Customizations" the 'Free Text' area disables all HTML. Is there a layer that can get around this?

2] I tried adding a second Music/Book component. I just copied the first one I did directly and then changed the appropriate areas; however, it doesn't show up. Apparently, you can't just add a second one that's identical. When I went back to read through the tutorials, I was confused as to if I should be reading the "Mixed Components" or something else. Even so, when I did read that tutorial it just lost me more *sigh*

3] How do you add this second, italized line to the Music component like here unhappyending, she has the title of the alum on a second line tabbed over. When I tried doing that myself things messed up...

I think that's it for now.

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