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I think this might be a crazy request, sorry if it is.

I looked through the tutorials and saw that Shrinking & Centering Images and Entries In Scrollbox looked interesting. I have a problem where someone on my friends page will post a ridiculously large picture that stretches all of my entries beyond the width of the screen so that I have to scroll to view it. I tried both tutorials and they did what they were supposed to do but not what I was looking for.

I was wondering if there is any possible way to modify the code of Entries in Scrollbox to do the following:
+ Add a scrollbox to entries that exceed a specific width but have unlimited length,
+ Specifically have the above feature for my friends page,
+ But when I hit the permalink I want to view the entry in its original width without the scrollbox.

My problem is the streched out layout, I don't mind the wide entries by themselves just the effect they have on my layout.

I realize that the Shrinking tutorial doesn't stop stretching and the Entries in Scrollboxes tutorial completely changes my layout. If this isn't possible or is too complicated I can live without it as much as it would perfect my layout.

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