Michael (masterslacker) wrote in component_help,

Finally Done

After much dinking, toying, experimenting, and banging head against my desk, I've customised my Component layout enough to where I want it to be. Check it out and tell me what you think in my guestbook entry (links in my Profile Component).

Here's a quick summary of what I've accomplished with creating my own layer and overriding lots of stuff :
- the free text component to make extra custom components including hidden ones that only I can see
- the profile component to add extra information to it (eg. age, location, guestbook links), and to have a random quote component always directly under it.
- the page_layout function to customise my page headers and add a welcome note component on my recent page. This is cool because it's a welcome note that's always at the top, and that doesn't affect the calendar as I noticed in some of the tutorials.
- the print_entry functions to customise their layout and added more buttons etc. Also with this customisation came customisations that are on my "guestbook entry" to make it look different from a regular entry.

I think the only thing that's "original" on my main page is the navigation component. It was all definitly a learning experience, and thanks to everyone who had tutorials up, because they were all really helpful :)

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