.·:*Stir Crazy*:·. (sssexygirl) wrote in component_help,
.·:*Stir Crazy*:·.

error page

ok i followed this tutorial about making error pages. I got no compile errors, everything was put where it was supposed to be, but the friends page did not change. Soooo can someone explain to me just what exactly is this page supposed to do? I went to the authors journals and i did see an error page, yet she said her friends default page is empty. how can it be empty? and how can i fix mine so it will work *boggles*

EDIT: Yes yes i am a retard.. i had to dig up some old old old resources from lj_nifty to make it work but it did ! ~.^

EDIT 2: Here is the link to explain what a default view is, which is used to make your error page work. It will not work without doing this first.


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