kunzite (kunzite1) wrote in component_help,

that new spiffy dateformat

ok... took a while to find an example, but, liabunny currently has the dateformat style that im talking about.

how many of us had that style before the tutorial was posted?

i'm looking for a specific user but i can't remember the username.

edit: okay... windswept asked about it here and undeniablynikki clued us in that exotic_kittenv/kittenish_girl posted it in her journal here after she saw that many other journals were using it.

i still remember working with someone a while back about this and they had it as part of their journal. they were working on a friend's journal. the one i was working with had modified the print_comp_header() somehow and made it have a spiffy background image. i think they also had the spiffy date format.

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