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Problems with mood/music in flatbox.

I've tried I don't know how many times to use the tutorial for the date/music in a box, but it just won't work for me. Looking at the tutorial, it looks like my code for print mood and music is different than that in the tutorial. So I'm either adding something twice, or deleting the wrong thing. I've added the k1_flatbox_open and k2_flatbox_close lines, it's the rest I'm having trouble with. Under the cut is my original code.

# Print Mood and/or Music Fields:

  # If we have a mood to print

  if ($e.metadata{"mood"}!="") {

    # first we need a spacer after the entry text


    # and then we print the mood label, followed by a mood icon if one exists, followed by the mood text.

    # If you want the mood icon to be after the mood text, then you need to change the order of the two lines in red.

    """<b> $*text_meta_mood : </b>""";

    if (defined $e.mood_icon) { """ $e.mood_icon """; }

    print $e.metadata{"mood"};


    # if ($e.metadata{"music"}=="") { """<br/>"""; }


  # If we have music to print

  if ($e.metadata{"music"}!="") {

    # If we didn't print a spacer because the mood was empty, then print one

    if ($e.metadata{"mood"}=="") { """<br/><br/>"""; }

    # then print the actual music label and the music

    """<b> $*text_meta_music : </b>"""; print $e.metadata{"music"};

    # """<br/><br/>""";


Anyone want to help me?

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