The Interstellar Elf (eowyn797) wrote in component_help,
The Interstellar Elf

resizing windows

hey i've got a question for you:

i am using the s2 Component style and i am wondering how you get your journal entry boxes to resize when you change the size of the browser window (but not the right-side components)...i'm sure it's easy but i don't know what lines of code to add in to the layer i created. basicly i want the layout to fit to the window so that i don't have to scroll left to right to see everything.

i'm vaguely familiar with the coding part of this style and i know how to edit/add code in, so if anyone knows the line of code i'd need, your help would be much appreciated :)

i'm sorry if this question has already been asked. i tried to look through back entries of some other communities but i didn't find anything.

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