Klumsi (sweetestpea) wrote in component_help,

ack - please help.

ok - i feel so stupid asking this question, but ive spent the past 3 hours searching and found nothing. so here goes.. today i switched to S2 and selected the Component layer, layout, style, whatever! i realize you can customize things like the profile (adding AIM,ICQ etc links) changing the date format and other things. now for my question, HOW? i dont mean how, as in, what to do, ive read all the tutorials and they are great and im 100% positive that i can do those things, but the question is, WHERE do i go to change those things? ahhh im so confused! i use to be so good with computers and especially the internet and things like this. but that was 3 years ago before i had a kid and now my brain is seeped with diapers and binkies!

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