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Big, Big, Big Request

This is a huge request, I hope it's allowed.
I just started trying to figure out component about a week ago. Since then I have been very frustrated whenever I try to customize my layout. I've looked at and stabbed at the tutorials, but I can't get anywhere. Even if a code I use doesn't have any errors, nothing happens to my layout. It's very tiresome.
Totally giving up on my own ability to make my layout what I wish it to be, I wanted to ask that someone do it for me. I really really hope this isn't rude, I just can't do it on my own. Under the cut are the elements I would like in my layout. If anybody would be able to tackle this, please let me know!! I will seriously love you forever!!!!

I want my layout to have...
1) a place to put a header
2) to have more options to my little profile dilly- like the "add me" clicky, my location, and my age.
3) Have these side components:
-random picture.
-random quote.
-the LJ links.
-the full update component.
-a place to make polls. (Like nanya_hime)
-a place for my language vocab.
-my links... those are already on there, though.
4) my entries semi-transluecent
5) have the date like kazatomic (with the day of the week and date in front of it like idea how they do that...)

Thank you so much!

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