Tracey (fa2u) wrote in component_help,


Hi! I'm sorry if this isn't allowed. I'm really new to this whole paid account layout stuff, and I was wondering how to change some tiny things? I looked around in the tutorials, FAQ, s2component, and in other places, (I swear!) but I couldn't find/understand what I was trying to do...

-Is it possible to have the mood/music at the top of each entry? If so, how?
-How do you customize the date to have the time follow the date, as opposed to the date following the time (as it is now)?
-How do I make it so that all my settings/customizations apply to my LASTN, DAY, and FRIENDS page? For example, when I go back on my journal about three pages, there are only a few entries per page, not the 30 that I defined in the Manage > Customize > Edit Customizations place. Also, when I go back, I can't edit the entries with the little pencil icon anymore.

Well, I guess that's all. Once again, I apologize if I wasn't allowed to post this, for whatever reason. If anyone can provide any help whatsoever, I'd be extremely grateful. Thank you!


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