Tracey (fa2u) wrote in component_help,

I am really confused.

***I'm sorry if I posted this too soon, without waiting for more help on my other recent post. I'm just SO frustrated and impatient. If this is too soon, please delete it.

Hello again! I'm sorry for posting again in so short a time. I received help on my last post, but I am still in utter confusion about what to do to change the things I want to change. I don't know if I create another style layer thing or edit the only one I have or anything. I'm just sitting here pasting things that I no clue what they mean to who knows where, and I'm just trying to change some tiny things. As I've mentioned, I'm REALLY new to this whole paid account layout stuff, and I've read everything I can, but I am still lost. I was just wondering how to change some tiny things.

-How do you have the mood/music at the top of each entry? I tried following the tutorial on this page, but I don't know exactly what to copy and where to put it.
-How do you customize the date to have the time follow the date? I also tried the tutorial on the aforementioned page, but I guess I'm too stupid to know what I am doing.
-How do I make it so that all my settings/customizations apply to my LASTN, DAY, and FRIENDS page?

Well, I guess that's all. Once again, I apologize for posting again. I just don't understand what I'm doing at all. Call me a newbie. I'm sorry for being so annoying.

Thanks kunzite1 for your previous help, but I don't know how to follow your advice.


-st00pid newbie

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