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sarea okelani

If anyone has any clue...

Despite having only started to play with S2 layers and what not only yesterday, this community and the tutorials have been a huge help in getting me where I'd like to go. My journal's pretty much how I want it to be, but there are some remaining tweaks that I just can't seem to make to my satisfaction.

I've hunted high and low for this information, so I apologize if any of it has been covered before. If any of you have insight as to what my next steps might be for the following issues, I'd be grateful...

1) I have the code that allowed me to resize my page layout on my entries page, but it doesn't seem to have worked for my friends page. Is there a way to customize that as well? (Fixed -- somehow. It would seem that much of my trouble was related to one thing...)

2) Is there a way to remove the navigation bar entirely? I couldn't figure out a way to make it transparent when it's a component, so I'd rather remove it entirely. At the moment, I've just positioned it low on the page so that it's not one of the first components you see. (Fixed -- thanks sssexygirl)

3) For some reason, after the navigation component, my free text component starts to repeat. (You can see it on my page -- "reading" "listening to" "search" and "the wisdom of others" are all part of the free text function.) I'm not at all sure why it's doing that. (Fixed)

4) Is there a way to get the permanent link that's currently on top of the entry-related buttons on the same line as the buttons? I played around with the code a bit, but I'm so unfamiliar with coding that I couldn't get it to do what I wanted. Having it sit on a separate line on top of the buttons was the closest I could get. (Fixed -- due to sssexygirl's diligence and awesome help.)

Thanks much!

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