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Border color question...

I'm working on the jounal layout of a friend and have two question.

1) How can I remove the rust colored border around the component boxes? I assumed it had something to do with
var Color header = $*header_bgcolor;
var Color headerMinus5 = $header->darker(50);
var Color headerPlus3 = $header->lighter(30);
var string corner_color = "/p0"+$headerPlus3->substr(1,6)+"1"+$headerMinus5->substr(1,6)+"2"+$header->substr(1,6);
but I just don't know enough to manipulate it.

2) Is there a way to change the text color in the comment icon drop down box? As is, the black doesn't show up very well against the brown...and I'd like to use the color that is used for the entry text.

Thanks for any help.

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