Candice (missustay) wrote in component_help,

Hello everyone, I'm very new to such codings in livejournal. I've only minimal knowledge in simple html codes. Thus it's a real tedious task for me to figure out how to customise my livejournal.

Here's some questions which I hope to get some advice and help on:

1. all customisations are done at "Your Layers" page?
2. how do i create an additional component which is able to accept html codes?
3. i had wanted to have a banner at the top of my page, but still keeping the rest of the page looking about the same. i've read some relevant tutorials but i don't know where should i insert the codings to. please advise me?
4. what about resizing the component sizes? i'm considering to reduce the entries component slightly smaller by abit.

thank you all. :)


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