Oni - One Sweet Violent Urge (pandorya) wrote in component_help,
Oni - One Sweet Violent Urge

Help with two things please:)


I am new to S2, but I have someone who was gracious enough to help me out thus far:) However, I need to pose this community a couple of questions:)

First, in my view comments page, if a bunch of people reply to each other, it makes the comments area really wide... and it just keeps getting wider. Also, the same goes for my friends page. If someone posts, for example, a long string of characters like "a;lksdjf;alsdkjf" it will make the whole friends page wide. My main concern is the view comments page... I want it to remain stationary. I have not seen anyone with the same problem as me... any suggestions?

Thanks for any help you provide:)

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