My Beautiful Sinking Ship (bitterbyrden) wrote in component_help,
My Beautiful Sinking Ship

Altering the Friends layout, additional questions, etc.

Hi there! This community is awesome. Between PamelaJoy's tutorial, and all the stuff I've found here, I've got my journal ALMOST how I want it. I've been reading through all the FAQ and as many tutorials as I could, though, and I still have a couple of questions. Can you help me out? My questions:

  • 1) How can I get my Recent Entries page to scroll up and over my header? Is this possible?

  • 2) I'd like to lose the header and most (if not all) of the components off my Friends Page? I think I just got rid of the components en masse by making it "false" in the set list. If possible, I'd like the little horizontal title/toolbar and nothing else. Just my friends posts. Any ideas?

  • 3) How do I get a fixed background behind my header?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
+kate bitterbyrden

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