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S2 Component help for korlange
LJ Username:  korlange
Account Type: Paid
Style System: S2
Layout:       Component
S2id:         4306554
User layer:   2731994 (browse, source)
Theme layer:  2736437 (browse, source)
AIM ID:       AnimaJulia

i have two issues.

#1. i thought that i\'d seen it done before but i can\'t seem to find the tutorial for itanywhere. how do i separate my friends page into two sections \'friends\' and \'communities\'??

#2. i\'ve been through a number of tutuorials but i still can\'t seem to get my background image (that is at the top of my lj page, above my header) centered, along with my entry boxes, etc. i\'ve tried putting in extra code after the background image tag but it doesn\'t seem to work, however when i place the code infront of the background image tag it works but then my entry boxes cover my image. i\'m so confused, and hopefully i haven\'t confused you too much either.

i hope you can help. thanks for your time and patience!

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