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Component Problem

I used the Music/Book/TV components (v 2.0) tutorial to put said components in my theme layer, (which has components on both sides), but I get this error,

S2 Compiler Output at Sat Nov 13 14:02:02 2004
Error compiling layer:
Compile error: line 52, column 1: Unexpected token found. Expecting: [TokenPunct] = ;
Got: [TokenPunct] = $
S2::Node, S2/, 139
S2::NodePrintStmt, S2/, 49
S2::NodeStmt, S2/, 35
S2::NodeStmtBlock, S2/, 42
S2::NodeFunction, S2/, 104
S2::Layer, S2/, 58
S2::Compiler, S2/, 27


48: var string[] k1Mtitle;
49: var string[] k1Murl;
50: """
51: # set one
52: $k1Msrc[0] = "";
53: $k1Malt[0] = "";
54: $k1Mtitle[0] = "title 1";
55: $k1Murl[0] = "";
with the src in red, (i removed actual link, but link is correct)

When I tried just putting in regular free text components like mentioned in the Components on Both Sides tutorial, they come out fine but it won't allow me to put any pictures in it even if there small, so I can't use it for books & tv stuff. Can someone help? I'm not very well versed in code so the simplier explained the better. Thank you :)

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