Congratulations Universe, You win! (_01010101) wrote in component_help,
Congratulations Universe, You win!


I tried adding the random quote and random pics and it gave me errors:

Random quote:
Compile error: line 250, column 7: Unknown token encountered while parsing layer: [TokenStringLiteral] = <<

Random pic:

202: (td align="center")(a href="")(img src="$pic[$randpic]" /)(/a)(/td)

I also tried to compile the shrinking

i also tried the shrinking tutorial, it said no errors when I compiled it but when I tried to view my journal it didn't show at all. It just said something like this user messed up their layout, something to that. I just want to shrink my table width, without changing anything else.

i'm not new to html, just component. I'd really appreciate it if someone can help me on this. thank you so much! - julie

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