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Hi again...

I would like to customize my journal so that :

1. It also shows the day of the week for each entry.

2. the time is at the end instead of the beginning.

(i.e. Monday - November 15th, 2004 - 7:30am)

The only tutorial I found, would require me to change to S1 instead of using S2, as I am now.

Is it possible to make the changes in S2? And if not how will changing to S1 change my current customizations?

Oh - and since I have created "a new layer" adding the "Update journal" component - how would I add the additional code to change the date so as not to mess up what is there, now?

Edit: Ok after doing a little digging, I was able to find the answer...however...something is still wrong...

The time now shows before & after the date, where I would like it to only show after.

I entered the following into my customization: set lang_fmt_date_long="%�y%%, %%month%% %�yord%%, %%yyyy%%,%%hh%%:%%min%% %%a%%m";

as per the tutorial however it didn't "override" completely.

Any ideas as to how to correct it?

EDIT #2- Finally !!! I figured it out -Thank you daimones for trying to help me ...but the problem was simpler than either of us thought. All I had to do was set the time function to "empty" and then add the time to the end of the date.

Like this: " set lang_fmt_date_long ="%�y%% - %%month%% %�yord%%, %%yyyy%% - %%hh%%:%%min%% %%a%%m";
set lang_fmt_time_short=""; "

YEAY!! I think I'm going to give customization a break, for now...LOL

Thanks again.

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