saiyajin no gunshou (_tumblweed) wrote in component_help,
saiyajin no gunshou

flatbox text formatting?

I'd like to say that this community has been of tremendous aid. I can't thank everyone, especially kunzite1, enough for their patience and help.

That said, I've been holding off on asking this question because it started as not a big deal, but now it's bugging me. I used the code in the metadata in box tutorial to place my journal entries into a flatbox. But this removes any formatting to the text inside (bolding, size changes, etc.). Now I know that I could achieve almost the same effect by just changing the entry component color, but that's not quite what I want. I like the rounded corners of the flatbox, and the way my meta info, comments links, and subject header stay outside it. But I'd like to have my text fomatting in the entry itself. I thought about creating a new div class, but I ran into two problems: not knowing exactly what properties to define for it, and the fact that my css is located in the theme layers while the entry formatting code is in the user layer. Does anyone have any ideas?

EDIT, 11/18: I fixed it, once kunzite1 pointed out the problem. I changed the class="compFont" tag at the end of the flatbox_open variable to class="entry". Duh. I can't belive how long it took me to figure out something that simple.

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