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A couple of questions

With the exception of colors and some additional component tweaks, I've been able to get my journal pretty much how I want it to look. However, in the course of my efforts, I've managed to mess a few things up and no amount of work on my part will fix them.

Several things have gone wrong:

1. My page has slowed down considerably, which is odd considering the small file size of the images I've used (the top banner and the background). The page where you type comments to an entry is the most affected, as typing lags behind keystrokes and highlighting text with the mouse runs nearly a quarter of a second behind mouse movements.

2. If you look at this entry, you can see that some pixels in the picture appear to have gone transparent. (If you can't see them, look toward the center right of the image. Most noticeable in the hair and in the dark space to the lower right of it). I don't know how this happened. It wasn't like that before my adjustments were made, and also didn't appear like that on the friends pages of people who have listed me as a friend.

I apologize for being a nuisance and bothering everyone with my amateur questions. I'm trying my hardest to learn coding, and am only writing this in desperation after many hours spent in vain trying to fix the problems myself. I also apologize if my coding seems very sloppy to those of you who know what you're doing, but I'm truly a novice at this and am anxious to learn. All help is greatly appreciated.

Click here to view my theme layer.
Click here to view my user layer.

Thanks in advance!

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