Sista Karen (sistakaren) wrote in component_help,
Sista Karen

Default Random Userpics?

First of all: thanks so much for all the tutorials. I've been able to use a lot of them without problems for my own LJ. But I have been having problems with one thing.

As we all know, when a userpic isn't specified (edit: I mean for an entry... just to clarify) it automatically does the default one, right? Is there any way for it to, instead, display a random userpic? Kinda like you can do for the profile? I tried using some combination of this tutorial along with this tutorial but I couldn't figure it out. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

**Oh, and I guess I'd still like the option of being able to specify a certain userpic. I just want it to be random is none is specified. Thanks!

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