BeckyO (beckyo) wrote in component_help,

default picture link?

Using the info here and a lot of help from a friend, I edited my layers to include extra text boxes, pics, the 'add-me' 'share me' 'my memories' links ... and it's great!

But ... (there's always a 'but', right? LOL) I changed my default icon last night and then discovered it didn't change in my component box. After I went into my customization page and entered the link of the new default pic, I began to wonder if there is a code I can use so that it always uses what is selected as my default pic. So that I don't have to edit the layer code each time I change pics.

Really, it wasn't tough to do and it sounds very lazy, but it would help my feeble old brain if I had one less thing to have to remember when editing my LJ. *laughs*


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