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Links as Component Boxes!

With the help of Mr. kunzite1 in finding a search/replace function, I have made me an amusement. I wanted to find some way to decently style my entrylinks so that I knew they were links always, regardless of if they were visited. :) The usual change it so that the color a link is always 'unvisited' of course crossed my mind, but I wanted something more..snazzy. Stylish even. I even thought about some crazy css styling to put a component like box around said link. But I have a rounded corner journal. So instead I came up with this. Go see my journal here: http://daimones.livejournal.com

It's not perfect, but at least the boxes should show up inline and text aligned with other text in the majority of browsers. I don't know why the little image links are off padding wise, this I may will fix later. The search replace function is basic, strangely enough, string handling isn't a big priority in s2, so it can be fooled pretty easy. Things I'd like to do: Somehow merge lj styled links in one box/ignore them all together. Re: String handling icky. Maybe 'smush' the table boxes so they're not so bubbly.

What do you all think? Got any suggestions? Ideas? Think it looks (good/bad)? If you have any issues, please drop a comment.

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