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Need Some Help Making Title Box Bigger in Height

S2 Component help for _inzilbeth_
LJ Username:  _inzilbeth_
Account Type: Paid
Style System: S2
Layout:       Component
S2id:         2361748
User layer:   1982424 (browse, source)
Theme layer:  3088931 (browse, source)
IM info on userinfo.

I tried searching for over three hours pouring through memories communities etc. to find the code I need. *head desks self*

Please take a look at my journal; where the title is \"Believing in what...etc,\" the top of the letters are being cut off, not by much, but I'd like to fix it if possible. It also happens on my friends page. What code will fix it? I need a pretty descriptive answer if possible please. Like a good \"copy this and paste it there.\"

Thank you for your help!!

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