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Minicalendar reset to current month after navigating to previous

S2 Component help for nurrynur
LJ Username:  nurrynur
Account Type: Paid
Style System: S2
Layout:       Component
S2id:         3075025
User layer:   1971285 (browse, source)
ICQ UIN:      4336548

When I am reading my own journal and navigate my calendar (through the component box, not the \"archive\" page), it resets back to the current month when I click on a day-link from another month. For example, I used the previous-next button on the calendar to navigate back to November. When I clicked on the link for the 29th, when the page loaded with the entries for that day the calendar reset itself to December.

This seems to be pretty standard for the component styles. It seems pretty annoying to have to change the month back everytime I want to navigate to a different day in my calendar. Is this a \"feature\" or a bug? If it is a bug, is this a known thing that is going to be fixed?

I'm sorry if this has been answered before. I felt this was a better place to bug people than the Support board. (?)

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