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CSS & Dates

I've never had to ask a question before, but this is really confusing me. What I was hoping was to get the date in my entries to look like adorekisha's, but with different font colors (and maybe other minor tweaks). So I've read the Print Custom Head tutorial, change the date format tutorial, I've stared at the layers and codes provided at s2layers, and even went to brush up on my CSS at ezboard. I've gone as far as to try to copy the layers provided at s2layers and edit it so that I get the results I want, but it doesn't seem to transfer over. Or I'm not understanding what part of the date I need to manipulate and change. But either way, when I strip someone's CSS layers and apply it to my layer just as a starting point, nothing seems to change. So I'm thinking either I don't understand the print custom head tutorial, when it comes to CSS and dates or its something in my layer.

The reason I think this is because in the beginning I have this:

Everything else is just modifications to the components, like the profile, and adding extra components, and adding square components. I was thinking perhaps I had to find a way to combine the no border image code, along with the first part to get the CSS to show up. But even then I'm not sure if that's what I should be doing.

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