diva bitch slore from hell (anotherdream) wrote in component_help,
diva bitch slore from hell

Date/time changing and hiding login fields in component

OK... since LJ promptly decided to eat my customization layer earlier today, I ended up reconstructing and cleaning it all up. So I thought I might try solving a couple of old problems as well.

First problem. I have managed to change my time/date setting so that it's now this form: 19:12 // Sun 26.12.2004. However I would like it to be the other way around, first date then time: Sun 26.12.2004 // 19:12. How would I go about this?

Second problem. I have a "manage LJ" component that has links to various manage/edit pages I use often. I would like to put under that list, in the same component, a login form that is only shown to visitors who are not logged in. I'm not a master of S2, and while I can find and use the tutorials for creating a separate component that is hidden if the visitor is logged in, I cannot figure out how to make only the login part of the component do the same. So I have a component with a UL of manage links, and would like a DIV under that with the login form, but only when the visitor is not logged in. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance to everyone. :)

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