newhigh. (newhigh) wrote in component_help,

Im new, im confused, HELP!!

I am new to paid accounts, S2, and component! Actually Im not even all that good at HTML but I pretty much know the basics. I just recently got a paid account and have the component style and dont know my way around S2 at all. I have read back through the FAQ's and tutorials but its really hard for me to follow. There are a few questions that I am asking that has to do with basic Component customizing.

- As I look through tutorials I see "print" alot and I have no clue what is meant by this.
- When you customize the layout do you do the "Layers, Theme" thing?
- Is there any master code to use that changes the size of entries, comments, centering and positioning of entries, background, and header like Generator?

Basically all I want to know is how to LOWER my entries so I can put a header, make the entires THINNER, add a header, and adding a background.

As I said I read all the tutorials and I couldnt hardly comprehend anything and I was just wondering if someone cause just give me basic information. Thanks for ANY help!

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