dangerous curves ahead (serenitysea) wrote in component_help,
dangerous curves ahead

the little triangles in the corner of the components...

ETA: Okay, and if the code that was so graciously given to me in a comment below just kind of confused me (as I have no real knowledge of coding period) is there an easier way to do this? Like, a way to stick something in the user layer, where are the variables about how you want your comments to read, how many entries to show, etc., instead of messing with the theme-layer? (sorry if this is really confusing!)

I've searched through the entries and it's entirely possibly that I've overlooked the answer to this, but:

I'd like to have the edges of my component boxes round, I guess, like sarkastic's.

Using ignited's theme-specific tutorial, I created my new layout. I believe pamelajoy's tutorial covers this point, but only if you are creating your new layout as the user layer.

So, if you're still following, I'd like to be able to round the edges and post the code in this order: livejournal.com>customize>advanced>layeredit.bml?id=3230775

and then put the code in there. I hope this makes sense and that I haven't broken the rules too badly. If so, I sincerely apologize in advance.

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