insomnian (insomnian) wrote in component_help,

randomised skins, custom background for each entry and FreeFind

This community is very helpful, I've read the tutorials, used some codes but still have some questions...

1. I really liked the idea of chicacintron with custom skins and the possibility for each user to choose what he prefers. But it would also be great to have a random skin loading (the same way like random userpics). Any possibility to do that? And yes, as far as random userpics are concerned - is there a way to have a random userpic for each entry?

2. Sometimes when you post a picture you might want to have a different backgorund (black, for example) instread of what you have predefined (like white)), and you just want it for that single post. Is there a way to have a different background for each entry?

3. The Freefind search feature (and actually the same for LJ search box) doesn't seem to recognise russian letters. The search itself seems to work correctly and you get the results, but on a search results page you always get a mess of webdings symbols or something instead of russian words. Any ideas how to fix that? Really cool feature and such a shame to loose it...

any help on any of these would be great, thank you.

PS: and I hope i'm not asking to much)

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