Messiah (ex_gasmask541) wrote in component_help,

S2 Component help for gasmask
LJ Username:  gasmask
Account Type: Paid
Style System: S2
Layout:       Component
S2id:         5171717
User layer:   3266251 (browse, source)
Theme layer:  3297002 (browse, source)

I need some help. I don't know how to mesh the different tutorials.

I currently have my components as boxes. Before I decided on the boxes I had an image above everything, in the tutorial there is an option to put in an image but it goes inside a component. I tried to figure out how to put it above everthing but I had no luck. my journal was previously centered, but that's yet another thing I can't figure out how to mesh with the square tutorial.

I also want to get rid of the nav toolbar at the top, and the component header that reads

And if it's not too much, I would like to know how to use an image as the background in the components, although not in the actual entry part. I use firefox which does not "see" transparency, but I thought to use the clear image that component offers as the background to create the same effect, but after going through the search option for the community I couldn't find what I wanted... I guess I just didn't know what words to search for.

Meh. Looking at this I realize exactly how much I'm asking for. I apologize. :/

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