Thomas Jackson (tjackson) wrote in component_help,
Thomas Jackson

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More useless begging :)

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone knows how to in the scripts, check if the user is:

  • Not logged in
  • Logged in as the owner
  • Logged in as a registered friend of the owner
  • Logged in as a random lj user who is neither of the above

Basically i need to know what the statements should look like for each, ideally the variable i'm checking, and what it's supposed to 'return' for each case. for instance (1 for yes he's logged in) (0 for no this is not the user). Yes i'll probably be nesting these if-than statements for logical cases of usability.

I'm trying to put big if-than statements around some lesser components, like the login one, the post one, etc.

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