♪♡ (zasshi) wrote in component_help,

I'm still new to this whole thing. :) If you take a look at my journal, you'll see why I'm completely frustrated and want to hit things. I KNOW my HTML, but I know not the coding for S2, and through all the tutorials I've been looking through, I'm very slowly getting it.. I'm just lost on why, when you view it, the sides are all wide and the length is ... horribly elongated.

Here's a picture to show you if you can't see my problem by clicking on my name: http://too-girly.net/undone/ackmyproblem.jpg

Notice how far down my scrollbar is and where my lj icon is positioned. Where the Component is positioned entirely is where I want it to be... :) My only problem is the way the Component boxes on the sides are so stretched out and stretched far down like they are. I've looked through my coding, and I seriously must be a blonde; I just can't find what it is that is causing this.

Sorry if this has been brought up in the past. -_-'


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