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Hi, Im New

S2 Component help for bagism65
LJ Username:  bagism65
Account Type: Paid
Style System: S2
Layout:       Component
S2id:         5116636
User layer:   3230424 (browse, source)
AIM ID:       bagism65
MSN ID:       cnthelpfalling
Yahoo! ID:    cnthelpfalling

I\'ve spent a great deal of time trying to learn/understand the S2 code so that I could make some rather routine changes to my journal layout. No matter what I enter as code, many things I believe I\'m doing correctly, I am not seeing any change at all. I am trying to do the following things:

Add Graphic as Header: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v11/bagism65/mozbanner.png

Leave Left Side components as they are, but add right side components: Random Quote, Search Journal, Currents, & Favorite Icons with a scroll bar.

Add scroll bar to list of links

Modify Profile Component to add AIM message.

If you could help me out by provding me with code and instructions, it would be a great help.

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