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Running into some trouble...

Hey everyone -- I've only just started really customizing my journal as of a few days ago, and I've managed to get pretty far with the help of both pamelajoy and the memories here, but I must have missed a couple things, because I'm still stuck on a couple things.

The problems I'm having are probably simple to fix, but I've tried as many things as I can think of, and so far nothing has helped. 

First: I cannot, for the life of me, manage to change the colour scheme of my journal.  I first tried going through the default Customize page and changing the hex codes there, but the changes were never applied.  I also tried copying the colour codes into my theme layer in the Advanced Customizations page, but that didn't change anything either.  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, as I'm not particularly fond of the default colours.  The same problem carries over for trying to keep a background image, but also add a header: the thing refuses to let me combine both together for some reason.

Second: Apparently I'm not the only one who's had issues with this, but I tried using the LJ FAQ codes to change around my date and time settings, but they didn't even apply when I tried changing them.  For those who want to know what I want it to look like, vampiress87's journal has the exact settings for date and time that I've been struggling to get on my own journal.

Third: This is sort of a group of questions that I haven't found any tutorials on anywhere.

In ignited's journal, she has some sort of component underneath her header to re-create the Navigation links, but they're in the form of buttons.  Same thing goes for all her links in her link list down the left side.  How do you code for buttons instead of text links?  Also, I can't seem to find anything about moving the user picture from the left side, in its own component, like it is at my journal, over inside the entry, as in her journal?  I just think I'd prefer this, because it takes up less space.  And -- I swear this is the last question -- are there any tutorials available for switching from rounded to square components?

Again, sorry to ask so many -- probably stupid -- questions, but I have no experience with any coding whatsoever, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, everyone.  Feel free to shoot me for being too annoying, if you must.

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