Devilish (debina) wrote in component_help,

This might be a really dumb question, but I'm asking anyway...

Are there any basic Component layouts that are public that people can view, or use to tweak to their needs?

I am pretty knowledgable with html, and can usually figure things out, but I just keep getting lost. I have followed so many tutorials here and have actually gotten pretty far with my journal, however every time I do something new, something else doesn't work. The tutorials are all written very well and clearly, but since they were primarily written for one specific function, and by different people, and at different times when functions may or may not be used, they just don't all work together like a puzzle. I'm tired of being confused so if I could see other's theme layer code (complete from top to bottom, and without a gazillion notes), it might make more sense to me. I don't want to copy anyone's work, I like what I have so far on my own journal. I just want to know how it's all supposed to be laid out, because mine looks like a train wreck. :)

If this isn't possible, I'll understand. But any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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