Ashley (fallen_ashesx0) wrote in component_help,

Hello everyone! Ok i know this is going to sound really bad, and most likely no one will want to accept my proposal. But would anyone be willing to please, i am begging you or anyone if they'd be up to the challenge to put together the overrides and all the little things i need for my journal to look like this whorelikedior .

I`ve tried, i really have, but i just don`t seem to understand the tutorials and overrides, well at least not for the component. This style is really what i've been looking for, if anyone, anyone at all can help, assist me step by step, or just fully make and send me all the overrides, codes and special links i need to place where, I`d be the most thankful person ever. If anyone decides to please e-mail me at thank you and i love anyone would like to help thanks! I`d adore this, thank you.


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