Lisa Fewell (liabunny) wrote in component_help,
Lisa Fewell

Expiring soon...

I've got 6 days until the paid account here expires. I'll have money at the end of the week or next week to pay again, so it's not a big deal though. But I just wanted to let y'all know because when it expires I won't be able to add tutorials to the list in the component or anything, so there will be a bit of a lag in that until I pay for more time. I will put a temporary list in the userinfo of any tutorials that come up though. (I took the list off there cuz it was a pain updating it there *and* in the component).

Oh, and I've finally gone through all the tutorials and added them to the memories. I'm gonna work on adding other helpful things to the memories as well... like when people comment and tell someone how to do something, but it isn't exactly a tutorial... More or less, answers to a lot of FAQs.

corneliousjd, if there's anything you've felt compelled to customize here any time soon, ya got 6 days to do it :)

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