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Need help with a couple codes

•I was able to get the image I'd wanted at the top of my journal, but was wondering how to center everything to where it would be the same width as my header and over to the right so I could add in a background...

And speaking of background:

•I also wanted to use my own personal background as well. When I tried and put in an image link in my edit layers (set page_background_image = "http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v222/spectrelj/wallpaper/indieboyswalllrg.jpg";) it didn't show up!

•I'm also trying to get my date and time on entries to look very similar to that of demeanor

•Also curious to how I can move my HEADER LINKS centered with my header image...

•And lastly; How do I add in transparency for my borders? Especially around the links and profile?

Sorry! >.< Help!

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