Scooby (_scooby_) wrote in component_help,


EDIT: Half solved. It's centered, but it's still the same size =/

I know there's a tutorial posted on this, but it really confused me, so I was wondering if anyone could point me to a different one, or help me.

I want my components and entries to be the same width as the picture at the top of my journal. A bit like this journal, except of course I have the image on top. I know thats not a great example, since it's not exactly what I want, but right now I cant find a good example =/.

Please help? Just to tell you, I'm not good with this at all, it confuses me. If it's possible, I'm a lot better off with a copy-and-paste code then a bunch of different instructions. Also, if this helps, my image is 700 pixels wide =).

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