Amber (spacekydet) wrote in component_help,

Adding User Pic Component?

I've searched through the last 5 pages of entries and found nothing so sorry if this has been asked.

I recently got a paid account again so I could customize my journal. I've never worked with LJ codes before so a lot of it makes no sense to me. I have my layout the way I want it with 1 exception. I want to add an extra component (or 2 if possible.) The main one I want to add is to include all my user pics. Like how nothing_less and neversince have on theirs. I realize their journals aren't Component style (one is Opal, the other is completely customized.) But there has to be a way to add extra boxes to the side.

I tried the tutorial here and all it did was change my theme's colors to the default ones.

Could someone please help me add this component? If possible, I'd also like to add another 'links' type component box.

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