Jenny: The E! True Hollywood Story (bubblesinmyhead) wrote in component_help,
Jenny: The E! True Hollywood Story

Thank you if you can help!!!!

Okay sorry to be posting twice today for help but I really appreicate it!!! Okay I have modified my journal today in three ways.

1. I changed the width of my journal.
2. I added a horizontal scroll bar.
3. I added a vertical scroll bar.

However I have three problems.

1. I now have a "<" at the start of every entry.
2. My entries that don't need a scroll bar are now wider than the others? (Check my friends page to see what I mean)
3. I want to move the scrollbar a pixel or two over because they seem to be too close to the text.

Is this too confusing to help out?

All of my code in my theme layer is what you see on these.
(And if it makes it easier I put my theme layer here)

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