flamingo_killer (flamingo_killer) wrote in component_help,

S2 Component help for flamingo_killer
LJ Username:  flamingo_killer
Account Type: Paid
Style System: S2
Layout:       Component
S2id:         5468084
User layer:   3561776 (browse, source)
AIM ID:       iBelieveinTrees1
IM info on userinfo.

1. Is there a code to override the number of journal entries on my friends page/most recent entries? Actually, I'm sure there is because my journal used to have 20 entries/page, but now it has 10. I just can't seem to find a code anywhere.

2. My comment links for my entries and my friends entries are different, yet when I comment on a friends entry, the bottom of the comments page just says what my comment links say (if that is sort of confusing, instead of saying Read Comments--Post Comment like an un-messed with journal would say, it has what my comment links say, including the number of people who have commented). I would even be fine with my comment pages showing up like the old school comment pages, because the way it is now is icky.

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