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How do I...

  • Move the comment link to the right?
  • Add music?
  • Get rid of all the borders in the entry box? In other words, the only border I want is the outer part of the entry box.
  • Move the title of the entry to the same line as the date? Title of the entry on the top left and the date on the top right, both on the same line.
  • Make the comment links bold?
  • Change the color of the actual words of the mood and music?
  • Move the mood and music above the entry?

Please excuse me, I'm fairly new with the whole s2 style and the component style. I've always used the s1 style and the generator style. I've figured out a lot of things already with the help of this community, but the ones I've listed above have stumped me. :| I've tried my best to figure things out on my own and reading up on the older entries, but it's either I couldn't figure it out or I couldn't find my answer anywhere. :( If someone... anyone is willing to help, that would just make my day! Thanks in advance! ♥


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