*~*Jeannie*~* (pinkdiamonds31) wrote in component_help,

Problems with header image not showing up...

Hi, I'm new here, but I have been using component S2 for a while now, and have changed the look, colours and header images several times before. This is a fantastic community, and has been so much help to me!

But I was hoping someone could help me?

For some reason this time, my header image isn't showing up. Everything else is, all my changed colours, all my component boxes, all my icons in the components boxes...but instead of the header, all I have is a small, square box of horizontal lines right at the very top instead of the image. My image hoster is working fine, as my other journal is showing up the header image there fine, so can anybody help me to clarify this?

I have checked through the extensive lists of faq's and tutorials of this community, but I just can't find where I'm going wrong!

I would be so grateful if someone could help me, as I've been trying to figure this out for nearly 4 hours now!

Thank you in advance!

(By the way, I am using the additional customisations theme, and have foloowed the first tuorial on how to set it up - did it ages ago! But I didn't know if that may help?)


I figured it out! lol! Thank you to everyone who helped me, this community is fabulous for people knowing their stuff!

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