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[help!] getting rid of/moving things and code for comment page

EDIT: 12:53AM -- Thanks to those who helped me fix my code. All three points are addressed and I hope my post will help others.


I recently started playing with Component and I've got a layout finished, except for two things I'd really like to get fixed.

1. there's a box above my entries that has my journal's title and subtitle in it. I would like to know if I could get rid of it.

2. is there any way I could move the icons for 'memories' and 'edit post' from the left side of the .entryHolderBG? I want to move it right down next to the comment/reply links so that they're ALL there in a uniform line.

3. is there a code that lets you modify the comment page? I have a code for the reply page (which is code I actually yanked from one of my opal layers and fiddled around with). I DID try a comment page code I took from one of my old opal layouts, but it ended up printing out double reply boxes (only MY replies to people's comments).

here is my code: click, it pops up in a new window... or it SHOULD

Thanks to all who can help!

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